The complex

Casa Viva is situated in the most attractive and prestigious district in Sofia, namely Iztok district, only minutes away from several major boulevards and within minutes of the downtown area.Casa Viva is your perfect location where comfort and safety meet quality and style.

This is your only location that brings together within a close reach a well-established shopping area and a modern cinema, the kinder garden and the school of your kid, a 24-hour pharmacy, a state-of-the-art sport centre as well as the romantic atmosphere of the piano bar or the coziness of your family restaurant.

Casa Viva, designed as a miracle of modern architecture, using the most up-to-date building standards, is a 7-storey development that ranks as the most elegant residence in the region. Thus, offering a true and reasonable investment opportunity.The unique flavor and personality of the complex, open to magnificent panoramic views of the Vitosha mountain, along with the picturesque surroundings and luxuriant vegetation of Novachevica River, all guarantee the ultimate tranquility of your Ideal Home.The perfect recreational environment comprising of a fully maintained outdoor pool and an inner children's playground only put the finishing touches of completeness and comfort.

We provide the opportunity to live in the very centre of metropolitan life while preserving your individuality and privacy.

Casa Viva welcomes you in A unique Home where each apartment unit is distinctive and well-appointed, yet spacious and comfortable. Our professional designer's team can only put your bravest interior design fantasies into reality at absolutely no cost.

Casa Viva comprises of 90 exclusive apartments, differentiated into 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units.

Modern, stylish, superior...Your ultimate living spaces..As well as a truly wise investment!

Investor: Agora In Ltd.
Construction company: Agora In Ltd.
Construction control: BIS Engineering
Architect: Ventzislav Duchev
Build-up and installations: ET BET- Iliq Iliev
Vertical planning and tracing: GEOKAD company
Building authorization: No.886/2005